Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gone are the Dumb ways, Using Google the Smart Way

Today all of us accept that google is one of the most important search tool today not only because it's efficiency but also because of it's effectiveness and user friendliness. All of us accept whenever we want to search anything we write the text in the small space and everything just pops in-front of us.

But one thing is very annoying about google it's search shows everything and most of you will agree that 99% of the stuff that is displayed is useless to us, so how do we reduce those 1 million search options to just a few 100 or even 20 or even 1.

Google Tricks at your service :-
Have You Tried "" : Yes it correct I just used double quotation well try it yourself, we all know google makes searches on the basis of keywords. Whenever we type anything in the search bar it splits our request into distinct keywords and thus the website with the maximum number and higher page rank (reputation on the cyber space) pops up and many a time we don't even get what we want to search. now using double quotations ("") will save a lot of your time
Well this above is a normal search, wow a lot of options to choose from but many of them would be fake or just text or selling books on cash or credit. but we didn't search for them we want a to download The lost symbol e book for free. Now look at this search
we placed the above in enqoutes and walaah we reduced our searched from 200 thousand to mere 40 thousand, well is a topic is specific this does the trick.

Have You Tried Using Type: well the above type of searched is successful in most type of specific topic search, but what to do is the topic is quite vast and has many interpretations like the above one the book can be of any format document 93 or 97 or 2010 then what or it's a presentation or its a pdf or its a set of pictures scanned. now to end the whole problem what we do is add a type 'PDF' this would help our search alot.
 only 6 searches to choose from how about that..!!! this is called an intelligent search, now we can use the types such as .doc,.ppt.xlc and also for the 2007/10 versions of office , pdf, mp3, wav, .avi etc.isn't this great. now this is called a smart search

Have You Used the Specification of Data: well this is also a part or lie in the category of type matching but this time you are finding files that are in form of text or url or image etc.

example you wish to find this particular set of lines which we need to search on the internet and when we do we get this bizarre outputs, to avoid that we can instead use
intext: anything you would like to search in form of text

similarly will hold up for something go if you wish to find a particular url or link on the internet
inurl:www.domain name you wish to search.extension "the topic you wish to search from the website"

Other Tricks Are:
  1. Concatenation (please refer the link to meaning) well as you have read google searches everything on the basis of keyword. when you search you might have noticed that google's searches (most of them) have partial keywords not all of them this again leads to a dumb search now you can use '+' symbol to avoid that. eg : you wish to search for "Rocky stole the helmet from Capricorn" now what you should do instead is type the above as  "Rocky+stole+the+helmet+from+Capricorn" now instaed of 6 different key words we have 1 keyword to look for.
  2. Google as Calculator did you know if you type any mathematical calculation involving +,-,*,/,sqrt,^ in integer or decimal form google will produce you the desired result
  3. Google as Converter: did you know you can also use Google to convert values of the same type currency, distance, temperature, speed etc.
  4. Google as a watch
  5. Google as Dictionary 
  6. Google as Weatherman
  7. Google to a Map
  8. Google to See Movie timing in your nearest theater, you have to goto and type the name of the movie you wish to watch and enter location on your left and here you have the theaters in locality and show timings.

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