Friday, March 16, 2012

Email BOMBING...!!! | By Neoteric

Many of you have either heard or experienced something like "MY EMAIL ACCOUNT WAS FLOODED WITH FAKE EMAILS.. and ALL OF THE EMAILS WERE SAME!! OMG..!!".
Well I this case the victim was bombed or flooded with emails, Now Today we will talk about how do hackers or script kiddies do email bombing.

Email Bombing is the an online abuse where a victim is assaulted by receiving multiple fake emails to his/her email account thus making it difficult for the user to extract the important mails from the useless mails.... It might be easy to search if the bomb number is only 30 or 40 but it becomes impossible to search for mails if the email account is bombed with 10,000 fake emails..!!
This incidence happened in Chandigarh itself in the office of when their email id was bombed with more than 1000 emails and the attack kept on repeating itself for the whole night and it became impossible for the authority to stop or avoid it,

The Automated tool that we will be using is MESS BOMBER, it is a simple tool used to bomb a victim's email account.
                                             You can download it from here: HERE
1. When you open Mess Bomber you will see this window,
Now Enter,
a. EMAIL ID of Victim
b. NUMBER of Times the email to be sent to Victim
c. SUBJECT of the Email
d. MESSAGE in the body of the Email

2. Now when you Click on SMTP SETTINGS this window will appear,
now to implement this you first need to create a Fake GMAIL account and Enter the full username and password in the desired spaces
3. Now only one thing is left CLICK BOMB. sit back and relax after a few minutes, because it might take time depending upon the number of emails being sent.
4. once the Bombing is complete you will receive a message box  "EMAIL BOMBED", just click OK work Done.

if in the SMTP setting you do not enter username or password properly you will recieve an SMTP error every time so do enter them properly. 


  1. give me the link from where i can download the mess bomber

  2. adarsh

    it's a small file around 657 kb but is zipped so size will be small

  3. PS: both are clean and 1st is from reliable source