Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Most Powerful Antivirus | By Neoteric

Today I bring to You the MOST POWERFUL ANTIVIRUS, an antivirus which can detect any type of Virus which scans a file with the top most antiviruses,

VIRUS TOTAL is a website which has a very unique feature this website has a total of Worlds 42 Top ANTIVIRUS and it scans a file with all these antivirus and tells whether a file is infected or not..

How to use this website,
2. The Website will ask to upload the file that one wishes to use but is doubtful 
3. click on SCAN IT.
 It will Automatically scan your file with worlds 42 Top Antiviruses and thus also give a review that the antivirus you are using is useful or not.

website can also be used to scan LINKS and URLS for any virus,

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