Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sending FAKE E-Mails | By Neoteric

Have You ever received an Email which says that you have won a lottery for 1,000,000 $ and you have to send your name and Email Id and Other Details to this address, Or Have you received Emails from IBM, MICROSOFT or other Huge companies saying that they have hired you as an Associate or as Team Lead or sometimes as CEO of the Company,
Well ALL of these Mails are FAKE...!!!
This Module consisted of 2 Sections:
1. How Do FAKE-Mails Come to you ?
2. How to check, wether a Mail is Fake or NOT...?

How to Send Fake Mails... (Best part about all of these automated tools is that if you reply, the reply will go to the designated address and will be received if the address actually exists)
Fake email sending is technically known as Email Spoofing or Mail Forging, Now most of the Fake Mail Senders use mainly the online automated tools which are available at,
1. Anonymizer.in this website does not reveal the ip of the sender and thus the sender's identity is never disclosed because the website does not maintain any data base or visitor log.
2. Nemesis Anonymous Mailer (download here) is a stand alone application after downloading you just have to write down the name of sender and the receiver and the subject and the Message and waalaah... The best part about this software is that it sends the mail via a proxy server thus it also morphs your identity and because it belongs to the anonymizer community your IP will not be revealed.
3. EMKEI.CZ is the best amongst all the automated tools online.
you just have to fill up this particular form, Enter Captcha and click on Send!! and fake mail sent.
This the trick Mostly Used to annoy People regarding Fake Mails, the dangerous part is that most of the fake emails are designed to be in such a format that they appear to be almost real. And can even be used to withdraw your personal information.This personal information are used sold at pennies to other users. 
Now how do we PROTECT our selves from Fake Emails.This is a general yet a very useful method that everyone should use in case you find any mail as suspicious,
1. GMAIL, when you open the mail there is a tag below the email name, Show Details on it's right is a DROP DOWN Button Click on it and Select "SHOW ORIGINALS" 
2. YAHOO, Open the Mail there is DROP DOWN which says "more options for selected mail" in that click on show full header. and thus you will know where the fake mail come from.

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