Sunday, March 11, 2012

Have you Lost your BIOS Password ? | By Neoteric

Have you ever accidentally set a BIOS password the one which appears even before your Windows Boots to memory, even Before Your Hardware company name appears on the screen?

For LAPTOPS, NOTEBOOKS: To Reset or Remove the Password from the BIOS Memory you need to HARD BOOT your system, for that you require to remove your battery from the Laptop or Notebook for at most 30 min and reinsert it again and you will see that after you insert the battery the system does not ask for any password on the Boot Screen

 For COMPUTER: You have to open up your cabinet and there you will see a small round cell inserted in the center of your motherboard, pull the CMOS cell out, for around 30 min and reinsert it and start the computer and guess no BIOS password demands.

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