Saturday, March 10, 2012

How to Make Software a Virus | By Neoteric

Well in continuation to my previous post how to make a TROJAN Virus, Now we will see how do Hackers Bind Virus to a FREE software available to you on the internet or a software from your friends.

IF you have not Read How to make a Trojan please click here.

Now everyone knows as you also have experienced that a small file as small as 10kb,40kb,60kb,160kb..etc is mostly a virus. Now Hackers know that most of the people DO NOT click on such small files now how to make a bigger more useful file into a virus, for that we have BINDERS. Now Today what I will do is not with a download tool but from a TOOL which is already present IN WINDOWS.

In the Previous Post you made a virus file named as SERVER.EXE now you need to Select a software with which you need to bind the virus, Say I choose a useful software say a music player.

Now let us start with binding file using a Windows Tool IEXPRESS.
1. Create TROJAN VIRUS (please refer here) and Select a file with which you want to bind a virus and keep both of them in a folder.

2. Now if you are using windows 7 Goto-->Start-->click on the search bar (bottom)--> Write IEEXPRESS, and if you are using windows XP then Goto-->the Drive where windows is Installed for eg: C Drive-->goto Windows Folder or WinXP(in some cases)-->System32-->Double Click on IEXPRESS.EXE and this window will appear.

3. Now click on Next and this will appear,

Now click on the option selected above.
4. Now this screen will ask for the name of the software that will appear in front of the downloading victim, give any name and click on continue,
5. Now the next screen is a prompt screen which will ask the user if the user want to continue on the installation, adding all these features increases reliability and user continues with the software as if it is genuine,
6. Now the Next screen is the license display, most of the hackers do not go for this because the infected software already has the license in it and providing license twice can sometimes be fishy,  so do not add any thing just click on next,
7. Now after clicking next on the License agreement screen the most important screen will appear, The File Addition Screen which will ask the user which all files to install,
8. After the selection of software is the priority window which will ask what to install first, now we want the software to install first because if the virus installs first the system will slow down and the victim will notice that the computer has slowed down. So first we want the software to instal and then the virus to instal
 9. Next window will have title "SHOW WINDOW" keep it on default,
10. Next window is the "FINISH MESSAGE" window which will ask for the finish message it is always good to give a token of thanks to your customers ;) :P
select --> DISPLAY MESSAGE--> in the White Bar write "Thank you for Installing XyzDownloader".
11. Next window will ask where to save the software if it is downloaded, Please leave it default,

12. Next Screen is "CONFIGURE RESTART" because it's a small software we will not ask for a System Reboot, Click on NO RESTART.
14. THE FINAL SCREEN IS CREATE PACKAGE screen, as soon as you click on CREATE, a command window like this will appear
15. Finally in the Destination Folder You have your INFECTED software.

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